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Meet The Gold Rush Guys®!

We’re your Carolinas resource for Gold Prospecting, Metal Detectors and Survival Supplies! We carry a large supply of products from Jobe  & Brawn Mfg, as well as name brand Metal Detectors, Military Surplus and Camping Gear. Located in the heart of the Gold Carolina Slate Belt we’re only minutes away from the first gold mine ever dug in the young United States; the Reed Gold Mine.

Gold In The Carolinas

Gold has a long history in the Carolinas. Since back in 1799 when young Conrad Reed found a 17 pound gold nugget while playing in the creek on his family’s farm, people have been searching for gold right here. From that initial find, sprung many gold mines all over the Carolinas. Remnants can still be seen today with gold in the ground and in the creeks.

Your Local Resource For Gold Prospecting Supplies & Metal Detectors

Let Gold Rush Guys’ 45 years of experience in gold prospecting and metal detecting, help you in achieving your dream of sharing in the area’s rich heritage. We’re only minutes away from Hickory and Salisbury in North Carolina and a short drive from Spartanburg and Rock Hill, South Carolina. We are happy to pass along our knowledge and tales of treasure hunting or gold prospecting. We proudly serve the Carolinas, but we have customers from around the world! Give us a call at (704) 390-6081, we’re happy to help.

We sell everything but the gold, and we may even have some of that.

Gold Rush Guys® are now your connection for Survival Supplies and Prepper Gear!

We know it’s a crazy world out there. Until everyone want’s to sit around the campfire, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Gold Rush Guys® are here to help keep you safe.  From long term food items, to knives, storage, as well as, we are a licensed Firearm’s Broker.  When the SHTF, come in and see how you can be ready for it today with our help!  We also offer $25 gun transfer fees!